Suspects Are Taking Town of Middleton Residents' Mail From Mailboxes

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The Dane County Sheriff’s Department has asked for help from Town of Middleton residents, according to Sara Ludtke, the town’s Deputy Clerk/Public Works Coordinator.

“On the north side of Town, specifically along Meadow Valley Road and parts of Airport Road, people (they believe it’s more than one person) have been going through mailboxes, taking mail, opening mail, throwing mail into snow banks, etc.,” Ludke said Monday. “Try to retrieve your mail shortly after it’s delivered.”

“If you notice that your mail has been open or realize that you are missing mail and there is no one in the area, please contact Deputy Garrett Page at 575-5964 (during day-time hours) or Deputy Mike Mohr at 220-0356 (during evening hours),” she added.

She said to immediately report any suspicious activity in progress by dialing 9-1-1.  



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