Track teams win Cardinal Relays

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Rob Reischel
Lily Welti and Middleton’s girls track and field team won the Cardinal Relays last Friday./Times-Tribune photo by Mary Langenfeld

Middleton’s boys and girls track teams both finished first at last Friday’s Cardinal Relays.

Middleton’s boys won the meet with 174 points, while Stoughton was second at 121. Waunakee (117), Monroe (88) and Oshkosh West (86) rounded out the top five.

On the girls’ side, Middleton finished with 131 points and edged runner-up Stoughton (122). Waunakee was third at 114, followed by Oshkosh West (106) and Monroe (97).

“It is always great to defend your home track,” Middleton coach Cory Christonvich said. “There was some great competition all night long and a really close battle for first place on the women's side.”

On the girls’ side, Middleton’s foursome of Madeline Pflasterer-Jennerjohn, Rachel Zander, Tai Pritts and Grace Peterson won the 400-meter relay field event. The Cardinals’ quartet of Zander, Autumn Delaney, Maya Huebsch and Anna Paulsen also won the 400-meter relay weightperson.

Alyssa Lemirande, Marie Mayers, Jen McGinnis and Grace Peterson combined to win the 1,600-meter relay.

The Cardinals’ 1,600-meter relay grade level team of Sophia DeOliveria, Hadley Braaten, Ellie Grosspietsch and Lemirande was third. Middleton’s quartet of Delaney, Betsy Hathaway, Braaten and Juliana Castillo was also third.

Middleton’s Kailey Best, Margaret Peterson, Madeline Ace and Maya Gibson combined to finish third in the girls distance medley.

Pflasterer-Jennerjohn won the pole vault relay (10-7) and was second in the long jump relay (16-6 ½). Pritts was second in the shot put relay (30-11 ¼) and Mayers was second in the 300-meter hurdles relay (50.99)

Courtney Florin added a third place finish in the 100-meter hurdles relay (17.46).

“Our ladies in the 4x100 field event, 4x100 weightperson, and 4x400 really stepped up big to win the last three events and secure first place as a team,” Christnovich said. “They all wanted to win the team title as much as their individual events and really laid it all on the line.”

While Christnovich was thrilled with the performance of his entire team, there were a handful of Cardinals he highlighted.

“Madeline Pflasterer-Jennerjohn had a great night,” Christnovich said. “She had her season best in long jump, anchored our 4x100 field event relay. To top it all off, she PR'ed in pole vault with a vault of 10'7” and did that in the rain. Rachel Zander PR'ed in shot put for the seventh time in a row this season. She just continues to get better and better in the shot as well as more and more confident in that event. Top it all off with her running the fastest she ever has and she is having a season to remember.

“Alyssa Lemirande is showing off her versatility for us. She can run anything from a 200 to an 800 and do whatever field events we would like her in. Molly Hoferle continues to have a strong senior season. She has set PR's already this year in the 3,200 and 800 and is close in the 1600. Molly really shows what hard work can do for your performances.”

In the boys’ race, Middleton’s Caleb Easton (9:46.42), Michael Madoch (9:46.48) and Sam Jaeger went 1-2-3 in the 3,200 meter run.

Middleton’s quartet of Austin Delaney, Joe Ludwig, James Pabst and Jackson Grimm won the 400-meter relay field event, while the foursome of Roman Kryshak, Cole Parrell, Max Elliot and Ludwig were first in the 400-meter relay weightperson.

Middleton’s 800-meter relay team of Tre Turner, Anthony Gatlin, Joseph Kean and Aaron Richardson was first. The Cardinals’ quartet of Jack Rader, Easton, Ryan Madoch and Gus Newcomb was first in the distance medley relay.

The Cardinals’ 3,200-meter relay team of Noah Roberson, Rader, Roman Ystenes and Newcomb was first. The Cardinals’ quartet of Joseph Kean, Jakob Zweber, Logan Pritchard and Tyler Kalscheur won the 400-meter freshman/sophomore race.

Middleton’s foursome of Kalscheur, Pritchard, Gage O’Mara-Jones and Ystenes won the 1,600 sprint medley freshman/sophomore race.

Middleton’s quartet of Turner, Pabst, Kean and Gatlin was second in the 400-meter relay. The Cardinals’ 1,600-meter relay team of Jack Ohly, O’Mara-Jones, Koby Koistinen and Matthew Leiferman was second.

Middleton’s 1,600-meter relay team of Madoch, Brendon Martin, Roberson and Jake Lamers was second. The Cardinals’ 800 sprint medley team of Delaney, Gatlin, Richardson and Martin was second.

Elliott won the shot put relay (44-8 ¾), while Leiferman was second in the pole vault (11-6) and Jackson Grimm was second in the triple jump relay (39-11). Lamers was third in the 300-meter hurdles relay (44.06) and Richardson was third in the long jump relay (20-2 ½).

• On deck: Middleton hosted a triple dual with Sun Prairie and Verona Tuesday. The Cardinals are then at the Stoughton Invite Friday at 4 p.m. and the Hartland Arrowhead Invite Saturday at 3:15 p.m.


Boys track


Team scores: Middleton 174, Stoughton 121, Waunakee 117, Monroe 88, Oshkosh West 86, Madison East 67, Middleton JV 62.

800 sprint medley: 1, Stoughton (Deutsch, DiBenedetto, McHone, Moll), 1:37.69; 2, Middleton, 1:38.89; 3, Waunakee, 1:39. Distance medley: 1, Middleton (Rader, Easton, Madoch, Newcomb), 10:44.78; 2, Stoughton, 11:11.16; 3, Madison East, 11:27.82. 3,200: 1, Middleton (Easton, Madoch, Jaeger), 29:21.51; 2, Middleton JV, 30:17.17; 3, Monroe, 30:30.16. 110 hurdles: 1, Waunakee (Enge, Ranum, Mais), 48.34; 2, Middleton, 55.58; 3, Monroe, 57.26. 300 hurdles: 1, Waunakee (Ranum, Meinholz, Mais), 2:12.14; 2, Stoughton, 2:13.89; 3, Middleton, 2:14.70. 4x100: 1, Waunakee (Statz, Maly, Zuhde, Johnson), 43.47; 2, Middleton, 44.10; 3, Stoughton, 44.21. 4x100 field: 1, Middleton (Delaney, Ludwig, Pabst, Grimm), 47.66; 2, Oshkosh West, 48.67; 3, Madison East, 48.97. 4x100 weightperson: 1, Middleton (Kryshak, Parrell, Elliot, Ludwig), 50.45; 2, Madison East, 50.46; 3, Waunakee, 51.06. 4x200: 1, Middleton (Turner, Gatlin, Kean, Richardson), 1:32.58; 2, Waunakee, 1:32.94; 3, Monroe, 1:35.94. 4x400: 1, Stoughton (McLaury, LePine, Roe, Jenny), 3:30.34; 2, Middleton, 3:31.97; 3, Monroe, 3:32.21. 4x400 grade level: 1, Stoughton (Finholt, Howery, Bormett, Hampton), 3:46.28; 2, Middleton, 3:47.02; 3, Waunakee, 3:47.47. 4x800: 1, Middleton (Roberson, Rader, Ystenes, Newcomb), 8:33.63; 2, Monroe, 8:50.22; 3, Waunakee, 8:54.10. Long jump: 1, Stoughton (McLaury, DiBenedetto, Hutcherson), 59-7½; 2, Middleton, 59-6½; 3, Waunakee, 58-6. Triple jump: 1, Middleton (Grimm, Sampson, Pabst), 114-10½; 2, Stoughton, 114-3¼; 3, Waunakee, 112. High jump: 1, Oshkosh West (Abraham, Caskey, Fannin), 16; 2, Waunakee, 16; 3, Madison East 16. Pole vault: 1, Middleton (Leiferman, Hinshaw, Hanson), 33; 2, Middleton JV, 31-6; 3, Oshkosh West, 28-6. Shot put: 1, Middleton (Elliot, Ludwig, Parrell), 124-3½; 2, Madison East, 120-5¾: 3, Stoughton, 116-8¼. Discus: 1, Oshkosh West (Messina, Woldt, Langlitz), 351-10; 2, Stoughton, 334-9; 3, Middleton, 326-11. At Middleton.


Girls track


Team scores: Middleton 131, Stoughton 122, Waunakee 114, Oshkosh West 106, Monroe 97, Madison West 57, Madison East 49.

800 sprint medley: 1, Stoughton (Posick, Lonnebotn, Halverson, Weum), 1:51.16; 2, Monroe, 1:51.85; 3, Middleton, 1:56.95. Distance medley: 1, Stoughton (Jenny, Schultz, Ashworth, Kittleson), 13:27.39; 2, Waunakee, 13:53.53; 3, Middleton, 14:10.31. 3,200: 1, Stoughton (Wozniak, Ross, Roe), 36:14.97, 2, Middleton, 37:57.29, 3, Waunakee, 38:00.29. 100 hurdles: 1, Monroe (Hirsbrunner, Rielly, Gersbach), 50.31; 2, Waunakee, 53.58; 3, Middleton, 58.61. 300 hurdles: 1, Waunakee (Krysinski, Rosenstock, Buchman), 2:38.04; 2, Monroe, 2:42.34; 3, Middleton, 2:45.88. 4x100: 1, Oshkosh West (Best, Kiraly, Sugrue, Weber), 51.01; 2, Monroe, 52.43; 3, Madison East, 52.93. 4x100 field: 1, Middleton (Pflasterer-Jenerjohn, Zander, Pritts, Peterson), 52.22; 3, Oshkosh West, 55.91; 3, Stoughton, 57.83. 4x100 weightperson: 1, Middleton (Zander, Delaney, Huebsch, Paulsen), 1:01.34; 2, Waunakee, 1:03.13; 3, Oshkosh West, 1:05.23. 4x200: 1, Stoughton (Posick, Lonnebotn, Weum, Halverson), 1:48.24; 2, Monroe, 1:50.92; 3, Madison East, 1:52.24. 4x400: 1, Middleton (Lemirande, Mayers, McGinnis, Peterson), 4:18.96; 2, Madison West, 4:21.08; 3, Oshkosh West, 4:33.99. 4x400 grade level: 1, Madison West (Deschenes, Bowman, Hickman, Hettenbach), 4:16.15; 2, Waunakee, 4:17.65; 3, Middleton, 4:21.3. 4x800: 1, Madison West (Darvin, Bowman, Drury, Hacker), 10:12.64; 2, Waunakee, 10:46.84; 3, Monroe, 11:10.64. Long jump: 1, Middleton (Pflasterer-Jenerjohn, Pritts, Peterson), 46-1¾; 2, Madison East, 44-1¼; 3, Waunakee, 42-2½. Triple jump: 1, Middleton (McGinnis, Lorman, Florin), 96-7½; 2, Madison East, 93-9¼; 3, Monroe, 92-11¾. High jump: 1, Oshkosh West (Kiraly, Fields, Miller), 13-7; 2, Stoughton, 13-6; 3, Waunakee, 13. Pole vault: 1, Monroe ( Eberle, Sigafus, Frehner), 22; 2, Waunakee, 21-6; 3, Oshkosh West, 21-6. Shot put: 1, Middleton (Pritts, Zander, Huebsch), 86-9¾; 2, Stoughton, 83-10½; 3, Waunakee, 81-6½. Discus: 1, Stoughton (K. Silbaugh, C. Silbaugh, Killian), 245-7; 2, Monroe, 228-11; 3, Waunakee, 221-7. At Middleton.


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