Middleton Mayor to Run for Second Term

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Michelle Phillips

MIDDLETON–Middleton Mayor Gurdip Brar said he would be running for a second term in the April 2020 Election. Brar has served one term as mayor and previously served on the Middleton City Council for nine years and was in the Conservancy Lands Committee for one and a half terms before becoming mayor in 2017.

“I’m not sure I was ready at the time,” Brar said of his first campaign for mayor, but now he has experience under his belt. He said that over the past two and a half years, he has built relationships with other community leaders and governments, which he feels would make him a more effective mayor in a second term.

Brar said he has started working on some projects that are ongoing, and one of the reason he seeks a second term is to continue that work.

Recovery from the Flood of 2018 is one of projects that he hopes to continue to work on. “There are a lot of loose ends here right now, and I would like to be able to fix this,” he said in regard to flood mitigation. 

Brar said Tiedeman and Stricker’s Ponds are still flooding and the city needs to continue to address ongoing concerns. He said plans are underway to alleviate the flooding and will be implemented as soon as possible, including work at the bulkhead, where the ponds flow into Lake Mendota.

Flood mapping is expected to be updated soon, which will help the city have a better grasp on the matter, Brar said. He added that work continues on Pheasant Branch Conservancy and the trail system. 

The Hidden Oaks neighborhood  flooding is something  Brar would like to see through. He said this will involve working with the Towns of Middleton and Springfield to restore wetlands and direct the water away from homes. 

Brar cited as ongoing city roads project as well. He said that though many roads have been improved, there is still plenty of work to be done. Once again, Brar said his experience and relationships with local leaders is an asset in getting joint projects completed. 

Public transit for those who rely on it to commute is also high on Brar’s list. The city recently had to come up with a plan for a last minute $70,000 cost increase for Metro Transit. Brar said he hopes that it will be covered by a federal transportation grant geared toward a satellite facility and outlying routes. If not the council will take money from the general fund and personnel fund to cover the cost. 

“I have not gotten a commitment from the city of Madison. I hope we don’t have to do that (allocate money from other areas) and I’m trying to work with Madison. I am very concerned that people that have to take the bus have access to buses,” Brar said. He added that he still hopes to expand service, which he will work toward if reelected. 

Brar said that education is near and dear to him and he hopes to work as a liaison with businesses and the tech center that will be in the new high school if he gets a second term. 

The Airport Master Plan is another area that Brar sees having a loose end. He said that Mead & Hunt is working on the plan and he hopes it will be complete by mid-2020. 

He said that he wants people to have their say about any proposed expansion. “I like transparency,” Brar said. “People feel it has been more show and tell.” 

He said that the city needs to listen to people in the community and remember that the Towns of Springfield and Middleton also have a stake in expansion. 

Affordable housing made Brar’s list and he said he would like to see more single family homes, duplexes and four-plexes that people could own. He said he would like to see citizens gaining equity in property.

Public safety is a concern for Brar, and he wants to continue to work with law enforcement to keep crime low in Middleton. 

Brar stated that above all of these issues, he is running again because he likes to help people. “I have a passion to help. I want to meet with citizens and learn what their concerns are,” he said.

“I hope I have made decisions that make things better for the people,” Brar concluded. 

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