DiMiceli Wanted Job Back

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Kevin Murphy

TOWN OF MIDDLETON–Greg DiMiceli sought reinstatement last Friday as Town of Middleton Administrator but asked just a few hours too late.

DiMiceli surprised many when he tendered his resignation on Aug. 12, but asked to be kept on until August 28, which the town board readily accepted. DiMiceli evidently changed his mind and asked to have his resignation rescinded and be allowed to serve as administrator until Dec. 31.

Unfortunately, DiMiceli emailed his request at 2:01 p,m. on August 28, past the close of business on that day, which being a Friday, was noon, said Town Chair Cynthia Richson.

DiMiceli was hired as town administrator/treasurer in Jan. 2019.

Richson explained that the town treasurer is a statuary position and Town Attorney Eileen Brownlee advised that DiMiceli’s change of heart came too late.

On Monday, board members considered rehiring DiMiceli as administrator and appoint Deputy Treasurer Meaghan Hughes as town treasurer.

“We can keep Greg until December in order to make the transition smoother,” said Board Supervisor Richard Oberle.

Board Supervisor Denise Schmidt cautioned that “we have someone who doesn’t want to be here and as someone who manages people, that bothers me.”

While DiMiceli previously declined to publicly say why he would quit with work on the annual budget still to be completed, Board Supervisor Brent Renteria may have hinted why.

“People are under a lot stress now…There’s the COVID (pandemic)…personality clashes, but I feel the need to be forgiving. People make mistakes, they own up to it. But if Greg is reinstated, there needs to be changes, improvements in several areas,” he said.

Efforts to contact DiMiceli for this story were unsuccessful.

The town needs a treasurer to collect money and pay bills so, the board appointed Deputy Treasurer Meaghan Hughes as town treasurer for one year, effective Sept. 1, employ her as personnel manager on an at-will basis, and increase her salary by $2,000.

Hughes, who has an accounting background and has been deputy treasurer since April 2019, accepted.

Richson asked for a motion to adjourn but Renteria said the town administrator position hadn’t been discussed, which set off a lengthy conversation about the administrator’s role and if the town even needed one.

Instead, Richson suggested that Hughes be given some time “to get her feet wet,” and work with staff before plunging ahead with hiring an administrator.

Richson sees the administrator as someone who “facilitates and communicates” and gets information in a timely fashion to the board, which is a unique skill set.

Wayne Rounds Jr., a member of the Plan Commission and the Public Works Committee, told the board it had an opportunity to “rethink everything.”

“Maybe you need an administrator or maybe not. You’re dealing with a (budget deficit),” he said.

The town relies on the town clerk to conduct elections and town crew to maintain roads and has Vierbicher Associates, Inc. for engineering work. The board also has the Public Works and Finance committees for advice. Some current positions may become “superfluous” as the town reaches build out status, Rounds said.

Schmidt suggested talking to staff and taking a few months to conduct a “gap analysis to find out what we’re missing.”

Oberle asked that the town administrator position be put on a future agenda and told Hughes and Town Clerk Barbara Roesslein to let the board know immediately if they’re getting inundated at work.

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