NCAT Offers Free Tutoring to Elementary Students

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Michelle Phillips

MIDDLETON–Middleton High School juniors Elaina Jones and Molly Warholic said that they decided to open Next Chapter Academic Tutoring (NCAT) when they began to see an increasing need in the community.

“The school’s been doing a good job during COVID-19, but virtual learning poses a big challenge in our community,” said Jones, and said NCAT encourages teachers to become involved.

NCAT is a free service that relies on high school student as volunteers and offers tutoring for students in K-4. Warholic said, “We have 88 students interested tutors and 77 students interested kids.”

The service offers both one on one and small group sessions as well as a crafts area at their storefront location, 2532 Allen Blvd. The women said the spot has multiple rooms to help in social distancing and the majority of sessions are individual. Before they opened their doors in January, they began online tutoring in December. 

Sometimes students only need to ask a question or get help clarifying something with their schoolwork, but others need more help, Jones and Warholic explained.

“We did a lot of behind the scenes work,” Warholic said of getting the bricks and mortar location up and running. “We built a network of people in the community, then we took what they offered us.”

Jones added that they created the program and recruited and trained tutors.

“It seemed hard to get there, but interacting with the kids is really cool,” she said.

“All of the first that have some with this program have been very incredible for us to experience,” included Jones.

She said that although the facility is located in Middleton, they welcome students from surrounding districts as well.

The facility is taking all necessary precautions to operate safely during the pandemic including: taking temperatures; wearing face masks; social distancing; cleaning and disinfecting surfaces; and liniting the number of students in the building at a time.

NCAT is registered as a non-profit in the State of Wisconsin, and the service depends on donations to operate. Jones and Warholic said they have received great community support and connections they have made through presentations at meetings have led to several donations. They have also started a GoFundMe site, those who would like to donate to the program. 

The women are hoping to partner with more organizations and are currently working with Middleton Outreach Ministry (MOM), the Middleton Optimists, the Middleton Public Library, J.H. Findorff & Son Inc., and Cardinal Youth Football.

NCAT is open Tues. and Thurs. from 3-5 p.m. and Weds from 1-3 p.m. The scheduling must fit around school schedules, which has been a bit challenging. Each session is 50 minutes long.

“When you’re passionate about something, you make the time,” comcluded Jones.

For more information about NCAT’s services, email You can also find NCAT on Instagram (@next_chapter_academic_tutoring).



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