Swimmers win Middleton Invite

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Rob Reischel
Natalie Charles and Middleton’s girls swimming team won their own invitational last Saturday./Times-Tribune photo by Mary Langenfeld

Amazingly, the postseason is here for Middleton’s swimmers.

And the Cardinals seem poised to make quite a splash.

Middleton hosted a four-team invitational Saturday and rolled to an easy win.

Middleton finished with 752 points, while Verona/Mount Horeb was a distant second at 395.5. Janesville Parker/Evansville (303.5) and Sun Prairie (299) rounded out the four-team invite.

The Cardinals were at the Verona Sectional on Tuesday. Middleton then heads to the WIAA state meet April 6 at Waukesha South High School.

If the Middleton Invite was a postseason tune-up, the Cardinals seem ready to roll.

Middleton won all three relays and 10 of 11 events overall.

The Cardinals’ 200-yard medley relay team of Lauryn Abozeid, Serena Haack, Eva Anagnostopoulous and Ryanne Woodall finished first, while the quartet of Lily Mair, Molly Keebler, Brianna Acker and Taylor Carbon was second.

In the 200 freestyle relay, Woodall, Anagnostopoulous, Andi Young and Maddy Lawn were first, while Piper Garcia Hall, Carbon, Acker and Lauryn Brown were second.

And in the 400 freestyle relay, the foursome of Lawn, Mair, Garcia Hall and Young finished first, while Ellie Eisele, Anna Reihl, Haack and Keebler were second.

Eisele won the 200 freestyle, while Woodall, Lawn and Mair went 1-2-3 in the 50 freestyle. Acker, Anagnostopoulous and Haack were first, second and third, respectively, in the 100 butterfly, while Lawn, Woodall and Young went 1-2-3 in the 100 freestyle.

Keebler won the 500 freestyle, while Mair and Abozeid were first and second, respectively, in the 100 backstroke. Haack, Keebler and Reihl also went 1-2-3 in the 100 breaststroke.



March 27


Team scores: Middleton 752, Verona/Mount Horeb 395.5, Janesville Parker/Evansville 303.5, Sun Prairie 299.

Top three individuals

200-yard medley relay: 1, Middleton (Abozeid, Haack, Anagnostopoulous, Woodall), 1:51.69; 2, Middleton (Mair, Keebler, Acker, Carbon), 1:53.05; 3, Sun Prairie (Krejcha, Cunningham, Winter, Breyer), 1:59.99.

200 freestyle: 1, Eisele, M, 2:07.73; 2, Kline, SP, 2:12.21; 3, Leeder, JP, 2:14.06.

200 individual medley: 1, Beggs, VMH, 2:28.99; 2, Winter, SP, 2:30.59; 3, Lewicki, VMH, 2:41.69.

50 freestyle: 1, Woodall, M, :24.90; 2, Lawn, M, :25.33; 3, Mair, M, :25.56.

100 butterfly: 1, Acker, M, 1:00.06; 2, Anagnostopoulous, M, 1:00.87; 3, Haack, M, 1:03.51.

100 freestyle: 1, Lawn, M, :54.66; 2, Woodall, M, :55.12; 3, Young, M, :56.09.

500 freestyle: 1, Keebler, M, 5:20.54; 2, Cunningham, SP, 5:52.97; 3, Wedige,VMH, 6:07.17.

200 freestyle relay: 1, Middleton (Woodall, Anagnostopoulous, Young, Lawn), 1:41.16; 2, Middleton (Garcia Hall, Carbon, Acker, Brown), 1:44.83; 3, Verona/Mount Horeb (Beggs, Lewicki, Moore, Burdette), 1:54.17.

100 backstroke: 1, Mair, M, 1:00.88; 2, Abozeid, M, 1:01.04; 3, Krejcha, SP, 1:04.34.

100 breaststroke: 1, Haack, M, 1:12.39; 2,Keebler, M, 1:12.96; 3, Reihl, M, 1:15.60.

400 freestyle relay: 1, Middleton (Lawn, Mair, Garcia Hall, Young), 3:45.58; 2, Sun Prairie (Krejcha, Winter, Kline, Breyer), 3:57.32; 3, Middleton (Eisele, Reihl, Haack, Keebler), 3:58.77.


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