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City Council Approves 2013 Budget

A single citizen – representing .00564 percent of the City of Middleton’s total denizens – spoke during last week’s annual budget hearing.

The Middleton Common Council hosted the public hearing prior to its approval of a 2013 budget that contains $41,683,904 in total expenditures.

Two proposed amendments failed and the council voted 8-0 in favor of a resolution to levy property taxes and adopt the 2013 budget documents in the general fund and in the special revenue, debt service, capital and enterprise groups.

Emmy Lou Immell, the lone resident to address the council at the Nov. 28 meeting, voiced appreciation for the work done by those running the municipality but urged them to keep taxes as low as possible.

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Top ATC Exec Made Half a Million

A Town of Middleton resident’s persistence about open records resulted in the disclosure that American Transmission Co. pays its top executive $510,000 annually.

Cynthia Richson, an attorney and a member of the town’s plan commission, became curious about what ATC pays its top executives after not finding it in annual reports the privately-held public utility files with the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC).

The information took on greater importance as ATC continued its route selection process for the Badger-Coulee transmission that would stretch from the La Crosse area to a substation in the town along USH 14, she said.

“It’s important that the public have all the information their entitled so there’s transparency in the process … as these agencies are involved in decisions that have a great impact,” Richson said.


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