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I have been a person who has had pets, mostly cats and dogs, for the better part of my life. Today I want to talk specifically about dogs. 

Dogs have cohabitated with man for thousands of years as companions, laborers and sometimes even babysitters for children. There is nothing more loyal to a human being than a dog.

Our dog Ruby (aka Ruby Chewbacca because of her thick brownish fur), whose tales have graced this page in the past, is a large (90 lb.) golden retriever, and by far the best dog I have ever had. Sorry Daphne, Sadie, Daisy, Amanda, Bowser and Lily, but Ruby is the most obedient and smartest dog I have ever known. In the five years we have had her, we have had to come up with new and unique way to convey the words “walk” and “ball” because she has learned all the variations of our spelling, abbreviating and making up fake words to mean ball and walk.


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