Wisconsin Bike Week is June 1-9: A Celebration of Cycling and Community

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Middleton is gearing up to host the unique and vibrant Wisconsin Bike Week from June 1 – 9. This exceptional annual event, organized by the Wisconsin Bike Fed, is more than just a cycling celebration. It’s a community gathering that unites cycling enthusiasts from all walks of life, inviting everyone to revel in the joy of biking and advocate for its numerous benefits.

Residents can look forward to leisurely rides through charming neighborhoods and more challenging excursions along the picturesque countryside. There’s something for every level of cyclist to enjoy.

The festivities in Middleton commence on Sunday, June 2, at 6:30 p.m., with a five-mile bike ride beginning at Stone Horse Green. This leisurely-paced ride around the community will be led by Mayor Emily Kuhn, the city’s Pedestrian/Bicycle/Transit Committee members, and other city officials. The ride will include 3-4 brief stops to discuss specific projects and future opportunities for enhancing bicyclist and pedestrian safety in the Good Neighbor City. Following the ride, participants can share their views with city officials on issues that should be addressed in Middleton’s first “Active Transportation Plan.”

Mayor Emily Kuhn emphasized the importance of Bike Week in fostering community spirit and promoting sustainable transportation. “Bike Week is a wonderful opportunity for Middleton to showcase our commitment to health, sustainability, and community. Cycling not only offers a fun way to explore our beautiful surroundings but also helps reduce our carbon footprint,” said Mayor Kuhn.

Throughout the week, activities across Madison and Wisconsin are designed to engage and educate the community. Group rides will allow cyclists to connect and share their passion, while bike maintenance workshops will ensure everyone can keep their bikes in top condition. Community forums will provide a platform for discussing cycling safety, infrastructure, and accessibility, empowering residents to advocate for a bike-friendly city.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, from 6:30 to 8:30 a.m., a bike commuter station with free snacks will be at the corner of Old Middleton and Stonefield Roads. Mead & Hunt’s Middleton office will sponsor the station on Tuesday, and the Capital Brewery Bike Club will sponsor the event on Wednesday.

Mayor Kuhn added, “I encourage everyone to dust off their bikes, put on their helmets, and join us for a week of fun, fitness, and community spirit. Let’s make this Bike Week the best one yet!”

On Wednesday evening between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m., cyclists with a Bike Benefits sticker on their helmet will receive a discount at the 52nd annual Pie & Ice Cream Social hosted by the Middleton Area Historical Society at Lakeview Park.

As Middleton pedals forward, let’s celebrate the vibrant cycling culture that enriches our community. Grab your helmets and hit the trails—an adventure awaits us all during Wisconsin Bike Week.


For more information, visit: https://www.madisonbikes.org/events/bikeweek-2024/chronological/

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