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Cross Plains Village Board Votes to Buy One Property, Sell Another

CROSS PLAINS–The Cross Plains Village Board of Trustees voted to move forward with the option to purchase property at 1601 Bourbon Rd. with the purpose of placing the police department next the Cross Plains-Berry Fire Department. 

The purchase price of the property is $390,000 and a recent appraisal came back at $395,000. The real estate was also subject to two studies, an environmental phase I study and a wetland delineation study. Both came back favorable contributing to the board’s decision to approve the purchase option. 

When asked his opinion on the property, Cross Plains Police chief Tony Ruesga said, “Do I think it’s a good spot? Yes.” He added that many towns have their emergency services located next to one another. 

Trustees shared that they had received positive feedback about the move when they are in public. Letters of support have also been received. 

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Golf Cart Crossings Get Nod, Open Containers a No Go

TOWN OF MIDDLETON–Why did the golfer cross the street with his motorized cart?

For some, it will be to get to their next drink while golfing at the new Pioneer Pointe Golf Course.

The 13-hole course that replaced Tumble Down Trails has been open about six weeks according to Jeff Haen, who developed the Pioneer Pointe residential subdivision which surrounds the new course.

The course has six public street crossings, and when Matthew Stebbins applied for a liquor license for the entire golf course property, he ran smack into the state law that prohibits an open alcohol container in a motorized vehicle on public streets.

“That’s the sticking point. There’s no way around it,” Town Attorney Eileen Brownlee said the Town Board on July 5.

Stebbins, of Four Putt, LLC, the liquor license applicant, knew he had a tough road ahead but needed to be able to serve alcohol to golfers just like his competitors at other courses.

Stebbins offered to:

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Sheriff's Office Seeks Help Finding Missing Man

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s assistance in locating John M.
England, 60. He was last heard from on July 9. John had informed friends that he was
feeling suicidal and has a gun with him. John could be driving a red Chevy Malibu WI PC
ACL2718 or a tan GMC suv WI PC AMY8005.
England’s Friends and family advised that he is a military veteran. If contact is made please use
caution and contact the Dane County Sheriff’s Office or call 911. Please do not approach.
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Keep Your Pets Safe During Excessive Heat

MADISON–With excessive heat in the forecast, Dane County Humane Society (DCHS) is reminding pet families to take the extra steps necessary to keep your pets cool and safe. 

“Even healthy pets can suffer from dehydration and heat stroke if exposed to extreme high temperatures and humidity,” says Lisa Bernard, DCHS Public Relations Coordinator. “Make sure your pets stay safe by keeping them in a cool location, giving them plenty of water, and never leaving your pet alone inside a vehicle.”

To keep your pet safe and healthy during the heat:

• Watch out for heatstroke: Symptoms include excessive panting, drooling, lethargy, fever, vomiting, seizures, and collapse. Call your veterinarian right away If you think your dog or cat may be suffering from heatstroke. Breeds with flatter faces (such as Pugs, Shih Tzus, Pekingese, Bulldogs, Boxers, and Persian cats) and very young and senior dogs are especially vulnerable.  

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City Cooling Centers Open

MIDDLETON–The upcoming weather forecast for the next two days reveals temperatures above 90º Fahrenheit. Additionally, a number of Middleton residents are still without power from the storm which the area experienced yesterday afternoon. Per the City of Middleton’s Emergency Plan the City will establish Cooling Centers when the following conditions are met:

• Projected prolonged heat or heat index equivalent at or above 90 degrees

Fahrenheit; and/or

• State or Federal emergency advisories concerning heat or heat index; and/or

• Local, State or Federal emergencies that displace citizens from their residences

in Middleton during high heat or heat index times; and/or

• Power outages of longer than 12 hours during times of high heat or heat index


• Other times at the discretion of the City’s Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

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Protect Yourself in Severe Heat

DANE COUNTY–Temperatures are predicted to be dangerously hot with heat indices approaching 105° Tuesday. The National Weather Service has issued a Heat Advisory from 11 a.m. Tuesday through 8 p.m. Wednesday.

Extremely high or unusually hot temperatures coupled with high humidity can have some serious effects on your health such as heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Over 1,000 deaths from extreme heat events occur each year in the United States. People most at risk from getting sick from the heat are older adults, those who work or exercise outdoors, infants and children, people without housing, and people with a chronic medical condition.

Here are some important precautions you should take to avoid serious health consequences related to this extreme heat.

Stay cool

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County Board Committees Elect Leadership

DANE COUNTY–The Dane County Board of Supervisors made their committee assignments which were recently announced. The standing committees of the Dane County Board of Supervisors met last week and elected the leadership for the 2022-2024 term.

The election results are as follows:

Personnel and Finance Committee

Chair-Elizabeth Doyle (District 1)

Vice-Chair-Chuck Erickson (District 23)

Public Protection and Judiciary Committee

Chair-Richelle Andrae (District 11)

Vice Chair-Anthony Gray (District 14)

Public Works and Transportation Committee

Chair-Dave Ripp (District 29)

Vice Chair-Andrew Schauer (District 21)

Zoning and Land Regulation

Chair-Tim Kiefer (District 25)

Vice Chair-Jerry Bollig (District 31)

Health and Human Needs Committee

Chair-Heidi Wegleitner (District 2)

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Dane County Cities and Villages Association Elects Executive Committee

DANE COUNTY–The Dane County Cities and Villages Association (DCCVA) announces its 2022-23

Executive Committee, which was unanimously elected during the membership

annual meeting on May 1. They are:

President: Robert Wipperfurth, Village of Windsor President

Vice President: Carolyn Clow, Village of McFarland President

Secretary: Paul Esser, City of Sun Prairie Mayor

Treasurer: Bill Burns, City of Middleton Finance Director

Past President or Member-At-Large: Gurdip Brar, City of Middleton Mayor

The DCCVA promotes excellence in municipal government, provides opportunities

for officials to exchange ideas, advocates for cities and villages, and

develops a cooperative approach to municipal problems of importance in this


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The Task of Preserving Dane County’s Farmland

DANE COUNTY–One of the most popular bumper stickers in Dane County, which may or may not come standard on any new Prius or Subaru, states a simple slogan: “No Farms, No Food.” But with rapid development in Dane County, local fields are being usurped by subdivisions and parking lots, and families who spent generations tilling the soil say goodbye to a way of life forever. 

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Trout Days Back in Full Swing

CROSS PLAINS–The Cross Plains Lions Club and Cross Plains Chamber of Commerce is proud to sponsor Cross Plains Trout Days. Since 1984 Cross Plains has hosted Trout Days on the first Saturday of May, the opening day of fishing season. This annual community event has drawn fishing and outdoor enthusiasts to the Black Earth Creek area to fish and celebrate the spring season. 

Now in its 37th year, this growing event features food, live music, wine walk and a variety of fun outdoor educational activities for all ages and interests, with trout fishing and the area’s natural resources at heart.


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