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Matt Geiger is a Midwest Book Award Winner, a national American Book Fest Finalist, and an international Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist. He is also the winner of numerous journalism awards. His books include “Astonishing Tales!* (Your Astonishment May Vary)” and “Raised by Wolves & Other Stories.” He once won an axe-throwing competition.
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Fad Accusation Was Foul

Tim Roehl, a Middleton Town Board supervisor, recently referred to backyard chickens as a “fad.” (See “Town Cries Fowl,” our page 3 story in the August 9 edition.)

I have news for Mr. Roehl. The domesticated chicken has a genealogy stretching back between 7,000 and 10,000 years, according to Smithsonian magazine. Throughout 99.8 percent of that time, families, on a relatively small scale, have kept chickens in the backyard.

The actual fad is raising poultry on putrid, cramped, filthy factory farms, injecting them with drugs so copious they’d make even the good Dr. Hunter S. Thompson cringe.

If keeping chickens on your property is a fad, then so too are things like the wheel, clothing, math and written language.


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