State Retains Congressional Seats

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WASHINGTON DC–Preliminary 2020 US Census data has revealed that Wisconsin saw a slight increase in population over the past decade, allowing the state to retain its eight US Congressional seats. 

The information is part of the agency’s apportionment report, which is responsible for determining electoral votes as well as seats in the US House of Representatives delegation and shows that Wisconsin grew by 206,732 residents between 2010 and 2020. The increase brings the state’s total population to 5,893,718, or the 20th highest in the country, but ranked only 34th in growth at 3.6 percent.

The biggest growth areas in the state were seen in cities, including Madison, Green Bay and Milwaukee.

Gains in populations leading to additional seats were seen in Texas, which will add two seats, Florida, Colorado, Montana, North Carolina and Oregon, all of which picked up one added seat. 

States that lost seats included: Michigan, Illinois, New York, California, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, each giving up one spot.

Wisconsin will also retain all of its 10 electoral votes, represented by the eight congressional seats and two US Senate seats. When redistricting occurs later this year, each seat will represent about 737,000 residents.

The number of congressional seats in Wisconsin decreased in 1970 when it went from 10 seats to nine, and again in 2000 when its congressional seats were reduced from nine to eight.

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