Tax Forms No Longer Available At Library

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From the desk of Pamela Westby, director of the Middleton Public Library:

Preprinted income tax forms will no longer be available at Middleton Public Library in 2014. The late release of printed forms in 2013 from both the Federal and State level, difficulties in obtaining the most frequently requested forms and instructions, and the move toward electronic tax filing have persuaded library staff that it is no longer a service we should offer.

Because of changing tax laws in the past two years, the IRS has had to delay printing and distributing forms. People become frustrated when they made multiple trips to the library hoping to pick up their tax forms only to learn the forms are not yet available. We want people to have a good experience at the library, but where tax forms are concerned, that’s been taken out of our control.

The library has made tax forms available for many years. Beginning in 2014, library staff will provide assistance in making copies from the reproducible tax form booklet; contacting the IRS and WI Department of Revenue by phone to order forms to be sent to their homes; locating the local IRS site here in Middleton; and using the library computers to print forms they need.   Patrons can print the forms they need for $.10 per page, but the library will not provide preprinted tax forms.

The IRS stopped mailing paper income tax packages in 2011, reportedly to save money and to encourage taxpayers to file electronically. After post offices and most banks discontinued the service, libraries became the primary location where individuals who continued to use paper forms could obtain them. That is no longer always the case. Some states, including New Jersey, Maine and Iowa, no longer provide paper tax forms to libraries, and many libraries around the nation have discontinued providing paper tax forms because of problems with the service.


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