Man Charged With Trying To Bribe Court Clerk To Keep Name Out Of Newspaper

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Matt Geiger

A local man who hoped to avoid having his name listed in this newspaper’s court report, which usually runs near the back of the newspaper, has found his way onto the front page after being charged with attempted bribery. 

Leo A. Ziegler, 77, allegedly tried to give the city’s municipal court clerk a $34 “tip” in an unsuccessful effort to convince her to delete his name from the transcript of court findings she provides to the Middleton Times-Tribune.
The clerk refused to take Ziegler’s money, telling him it would go against her morals to accept it or alter court records. He persisted, even offering to mail additional money to her home. She declined to provide her address. 
The initial charge against Ziegler, which was for fourth-degree sexual assault, carried a $366 municipal citation. 
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